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The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom, and its head of state is the British monarch. However, it is autonomous and internally self-governing.

The Isle of Man has its own parliament - the Tynwald - which is one of the oldest parliaments in the world, and dates back to the Viking days. However, despite its own parliament, Mann is actually a 'British Protectorate'. It has a degree of independence, but for certain things like defence, it comes under the protection of Britain, and is subject to Her Majesty the Queen's rule as "Lord of Mann." Since 1990, the island is governed by a Council of Ministers and a Chief Minister, who assumed the roles previously held by the appointed Lieutenant Governor.


The Isle of man is 80 miles west/northwest of Liverpool in the middle of the Irish sea. The closest constituent country of the United Kingdom is Scotland, approximately 18 miles to the north.

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Q: What country is the Isle of Man in?
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