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Allies: The United States

Enemies: El Salvador

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Q: What countries are currently Honduras' allies and enemies?
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What countries are currently El Salvador's allies and enemies?

The country that is allies with el Salvador is Spain, USA, and Brazil. Those are the country allies with El Salvador. El Salvador enemies countries is Honduras and Guatemala. Those are the two countries that hate El Salvador. I think because el Salvador its better than them, sorry

What countries are currently Belize's allies and enemies?

Allies: UK, COMMONWEALTH Nations, North America, Caribbean countries, Cuba, Venezuela. Japan Enemies: Guatemala

Who are the allies and enemies of Afghanistan?

allies-most of the middle eastern countries enemies-usa and British

Who currently are yemen allies and enemies?

osama bin landen

Who are currently the allies and enemies of Syria?

The Syrian Rebels are not a uniform entity. There are a number of different factions, some of which are already armed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia (Sunni Islamists), some of which are supported by Iraqi Kurdistan (Kurdish militias), and some of which are armed by the US (Democratic Pretenders).

Who are currently the allies and enemies of north Korea?

Kim Jong Un has a bad haircut.

Allies and enemies of Easter island .?

Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/ Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/

Who are the currently the allies and enemies of Zambia?

Themelves, they dont have a stable Goverment and have been in quarell for the last 27 years

What countries are Italy's friends and enemies?

Allies: Spain, Germany, U.S.A, Great Britain and Argentina Enemies: China, Pakistan and Southafrica

What major countries of Europe were enemies of France?

It somewhat depends on the time period, because some countries were enemies at one point and allies at another [most enemies arose during Napoleonic Times]. The most famous enemy of France is of course the United Kingdom. The two nations have been enemies for several centuries, but of course, have become close allies today.

What are some of Uruguay's allies and enemies?

allies: brazil and argentina enemies: paraguay

Allies and enemies the Cherokee's had?

The Cherokee's enemies are the Iroquoian and their allies (frends)are the Navajio.