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"Insurance rates in California vary widely due to specific circumstances for each policy holder. Insurance can be purchased from local agents, nationwide providers, as well as websites. Price will be dependant on age, risk, and number of items (cars, house, boat, etc) insured on the same plan."

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Q: What company offers the cheapest CA Insurance?
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Does Humana insurance have the cheapest rates in Los Angeles CA?

I believe that Humana does have the cheapest rates, but you also have to keep in mind that cheap does not always mean top quality. I suggest Cigna for your insurance.

What is the cheapest car insurance in San Diego?

Check out for a list of inurace agents in San Diego.

Teen in ca totals mother's car mom has no insurance on minor but on the car will the car get repaired by the insurance company?

Only if the insurance company believes it was your mom driving at the time.

Can I sell my car with an open insurance claim against me in Los Angeles CA?

To get the correct answer you should ask the insurance company.

How much would your insurance premium increase if your insurance company says you are 100 percent at fault in CA?

YOur broker should answer that for you - they would contact the company on your behalf to find out.

what company offers cheapest dsl service in Hayward ca area?

Go to this site and enter your phone number to find out what ISP serve your area: Once you have the information, you can research each company, the service options and costs, including special rates currently being offered.

You have been on company vehicle insurance for ten years and now want to buy car insurance for myself do i have any no claims entitlement?

In Ca. No

Is there a company in Glendale, CA that offers non-emergency medical transportation?

Yes. TransAid of Glendale offers these services. Their number is (818) 242-1155.

If you want to change my insurance and you already toll your insurance company about an accident that is not your foult ca you do it with out afecting you?

I don't want to chance your insurance company but if you do, the accident was not your fault so it does not matter. Just ask your agent this question. He is here to help you.

Your husband died you got his company life insurance amount you live in CA is this taxable?

It is not fedarally taxable.

How do you check status of old insurance policy with occidental life insurance company of California?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If it just closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company, the Dept will have to be notified of that as well. Contact the CA Dept of Insurance and inquire there.

What is a good insurance for a poor driver in CA?

In California, there is a statewide reduced liability insurance policy to help make insurance more affordable to those who are in poverty. You can find this policy at any insurance company.