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Q: What company is insurance code 989 Georgia?
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What auto insurance has code 989 in CT?

If an insurance code of 989 is shown on a police report car accident who does that person have car insurance with?

What insurance company has 989 insurance code?

Code 989 refers to a number of companies The 3 choices I found are : 1) Kemper Ins @ (877)252-7878 2) Unitrin Direct Ins @ (800)437-83943) Unitrin Specialty Ins @ (800)456-0448 Hope This Helps you.*****The above information is incorrect, and will only cause you to go around in circles, here is the correct information****Code 989 is a generic code used on NY police reports, which means that the involved party does not have insurance or insurance out of the state of NY.The code 989 if used in NJ police report refers to Unitrin Preferred, contact info 1-877-252-7878.

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How do you become an agent for Metropolitan Property and casualty insurance company?

How cant i talk to a live person at the company i tried but is really hard to get a answer My Name Jose Alberto Otalora Home # 512-989-2203 Mobil # 323-781-6616 Im A license In yhe State OF TX A General Lines

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