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Owning a home can be a headache in its self; trying to find the most affordable homeowner insurance can become a migraine. But fear not, homeowner: Allstateagent, Progressive, and Geico have you covered. The three insurance companies listed above are the most trusted insurance companies known worldwide.

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Q: What companies are known for having affordable homeowners insurance?
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Will homeowners insurance cover your home if you own a Doberman?

Most insurance companies will not offer you coverage at all. There are a few companies that will give you a regular homeowners policy if you sign an exclusion for animal liability. This means you will have a normal policy except it will not cover any claims having to do with animals.

What companies sell homeowners insurance in GA?

There are many, many insurance companies who sell homeowners insurance in the state of Georgia. It gets a little harder at the coast as in every state. Homeowners insurance itself is a little harder to get in the past few years because of the losses that insurance companies have had. It goes in cycles whereas insurance companies want more auto insurance for a while then home insurance and then back in forth again. You sometimes have better luck placing both your auto and home insurance with the same company if you are having trouble now. I own an insurance agency in Middle Georgia and recommend that you go to an Independent Agency who handles many different companies and are not just subject to the practices of a single company.

Dose having a small kiln for ceramics in the garage or basement for a personal hobby affect homeowners insurance?

Yep. A lot of insurance companies will refuse to insure your home with a kiln in it.

Where can one obtain instant homeowners insurance quotes online?

Instant homeowners insurance quotes can be obtain from most major insurance companies including Allstate and Statefarm. For most savings it is recommended to check with one's existing insurance company as they might be able to provide discounts for having other insurance policies.

What are the pitfalls of buying homeowners insurance?

The pitfalls of homeowners insurance include not buying enough coverage - for example most coverage doesn't include earthquake and flood insurance. Often having too many policies with different companies can also cause you to pay too much.

What companies offer affordable car insurance?

Most leading car insurance companies such as Progressive, GEICO and others offer competitive rates. Having an older, less flashy car make and model also helps reduce your car insurance premiums.

Is homeowners insurance worth buying?

Having homeowners insurance can be incredibly important for you if there is an accident at your house. With it, you can insure valuable pieces, like a massive tv or expensive piece of art.

If a car hits my house does car insurance or homeowners insurance pay?

I have the same question! A car did hit my house and I started to go through my homeowners insurance , but however I am thinking after all the problems that I am having with my homeowners that maybe it would have been best to go through the car company insurance.

How can affordable auto insurance be beneficial to a new driver?

Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts or lower premiums to experienced drivers who are younger. Having no points against one's drivers license can mean a lower premium.

Is insurance required for private roads owned by a homeowners association?

No--unless it is required by the HOA bylaws or CC&Rs. However, having liability insurance is advisable for a homeowners' association because of the expense and burden of lawsuits in today's world.

Will an Akita raise your homeowner insurance?

Rates are not generally raised for having large or viscious dogs but often times insurance companies will not insure you if you have a large viscious dog or one with bite history. Occassionally some companies will allow you to sign an exclusion for animal liability. If you have a Pit Bull, Rottwiller, Doberman, German Sheppard, or others or any dog that has bitten anyone you will have trouble getting homeowners insurance.

Can your car get reposessed for not having insurance?

Not usually. Most companies will add coverage for the insurance which is usually higher than you will pay at most companies. This is called forced place insurance.