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Q: What colour sign indicate useful information?
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What does an emergency sign look like?

An emergeny sign is an information sign. these are usually of a rectangular shape and are always green and white in colour. they provide information such as fire exits.

What does the square road sign mean?

Round signs give orders, normal triangle signs give warnings and rectangular signs give useful information (the background colour of these describes the road by the way).

What does the rovsing sign mean?

in medicine,what does Rovsing's sign indicate

How do you sign up for modeling at the gap?

See the link below for a step by step guide and some useful information on becoming a model.

What does meaning of plus sign in hospitals?

The plus sign is used to indicate a pharmacy.And the aid sign

is there a sign in the bowel movement that may indicate cancer?

is there a sign in the bowel movement that may indicate ancer such as coffee grain size granuals

What Indicators meaning?

Indication is essentially a sign, word, or piece of information that represents something that the speaker is talking about. If you see a sign and it reminds you of something, that could be an indication. Indication refers to something that is meant to suggest or indicate.

What is a way to indicate addition?

You can indicate addition by using it's sign "+" or saying add/plus.

Used to indicate the start of a formula?

Equal sign (=)

What is used to indicate the start of a formula?

equal sign (=)

Does the sign of a number indicate whether it is rational or irrational?


What is the symbol used to indicate an answer in math?

Normally it is = which is an equality sign