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Mary Poppins should have this general appearance: slender, chocolate hair, blue eyes, fair skin, rosy cheeks, red lips with a strict, loving, kind, firm, wise and practically perfect in every way personality.

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Q: What colour is of Mary Poppins eyes?
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What was Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins was a nanny.

What colour is Mary's eyes?

she had large blue eyes.

What occupatin was Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins was a nanny.

What was the name of formidable housekeeper?

It was Mary Poppins

What is Mary Poppins famous for?

the famous movie "Mary Poppins"

What are Mary Poppins's first 4 books?

First: Mary Poppins Second: Mary Poppins Comes Back Third: Mary Poppins Opens the Door Fourth: Mary Poppins in the Park

Where was Mary Poppins set?

Mary poppins was set i south Hampshire

What year was Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins was released in theaters in 1964.

What is the musical Mary Poppins about?

Mary Poppins is about a nanny with magical abilities who flies in (literally) to cage he world of two children. She restores their relationship with their distant father by opening the whole family's eyes to the world of imagination.

What is the second Mary Poppins book called?

Mary Poppins Comes Back

What is Mary Poppins's real name?

Mary Poppins was played by Julie Andrews.

When was Mary Poppins - character - created?

Mary Poppins - character - was created in 1934.