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The roses were red and white after the Yorkist symbol of the red rose and the Lancastrian symbol of the white rose.

The wars were between the Yorkists and Lancastrians.

Correction: The house of York was symbolized by a white rose and Lancaster by a red, not the other way around.

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Q: What color was the rose ending the war of roses?
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What is the rose for in war of the roses?

There were two roses involved in this war. There was the red rose for the House of Lancaster, and the white rose for the House of York.

What are the roses from war of the roses?

Both houses in the War of the Roses had a rose as their family crest; for the Lancasters it was a red rose, for the Yorks it was a white rose. Their combined family, the Tudors, had a white rose within a red rose.

What were the 2 family names in the War of the Roses?

A: Lancaster, represented by a red rose. York, represented by a white rose. Ergo, War of the Roses.

What flower was the emblem of the york during the war of the roses?

The white rose. The red rose was the emblem of the House of Lancaster.

Why are the England football players carrying red roses?

to remeber the war of the roses where the red rose won

In England's War of the Roses the red rose stood for which family?

the house of Lancaster

How did the Tudor rose come into being?

The Tudor rose came into being because of the war of the roses. The war of the roses was a war fought between two large and powerful families in Tudor times: The House of York, and the House of Lancaster. The York rose was white, and the lancaster rose was red. When these two families combined to make the Tudor dynasty, they combined their symbols, the roses, to further unite the houses. Thus: the white and red Tudor rose. Hope this helps! :)

What happened at the war of the roses?

there was a war and people died and then Henry married elizabeth and then the Tudor rose was made!

How did Henry VII unite England?

By marrying Elizabeth and ending the war of Roses.

What was the start and end of the war of roses?

Romeo gave a rose to juliet which started the war. The war concluded when all were dead

Why was the war named the war of the roses?

The two houses (or families) fighting for the throne in England each had a rose as their crest. The house of Lancaster had a red rose, and the house of York had a white rose.

What was the war of the roses?

it was a battle between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians. It was called the war of roses because the Yorkists were represented by a white Rose and the Lancastrians by a Red Rose.