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Jericho is older. The following includes more details

Mount Carmel

It is a coastal mountain range in northern Israel stretching from the Mediterranean Sea towards the southeast. In ancient Canaanite culture, high places were frequently considered to be sacred, and Mount Carmel appears to have been no exception; Thutmose III lists a holy headland among his Canaanite territories, and if this equates to Carmel, as Egyptologists such as Maspero believe, then it would indicate that the mountain headland was considered sacred from at least the 15th century BC


As mentioned in Britannica Concise Cyclopedia: It is in West Bank territory (Palestinian Territories). Inhabited since c.9000 BC, it is famous in biblical tradition as the first town attacked by the Israelites under Joshua after they crossed the Jordan River. It was abandoned or destroyed several times and rebuilt in the same area. Captured by the British in 1918, it became part of the British mandate of Palestine. Incorporated into Jordan, it became the site of two huge camps of Arab refugees following the first Arab-Israeli war (1948). During the Six-Day War (1967), the town was occupied by Israel, and much of the refugee population was dispersed. In 1994 it was contained withing the Palestinian Territories under the Palestinian Authority according to Israeli-Palestinian self-rule agreement.

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The city of Jericho is older then the ciity of Damascus.

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Q: What city is older Damascus or Jericho?
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Which biggest oldest city of world?

The oldest city of the world is Jericho, as evidence supports that humans first settled in Jericho 11,000 years ago. Damascus, Balkh, and Byblos also claim to be the world's oldest city, but no evidence supports this. Of these old cities, the largest is Damascus.

Is Damascus one of the oldest cities in the world?

Jericho, located in the West Bank region of the Middle East, is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet.

The worlds oldest capital city located in the middle east?

The oldest capital city in the Middle East is Damascus, Syria. Evidence shows that humans first settled in Damascus 4,000 years ago. Damascus claims to be the world's oldest city, but evidence from Jericho, Israel shows that humans first settled in Jericho 11,000 years ago.

What city proclaims itself to the oldest inhabited city in the world?

Balkh, Afghanistan, Byblos, Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, and Jericho, Israel all claim to be the world's oldest city. However, Jericho is the only one with evidence to support this, as settlements in Jericho began in 9,000 BC.

The oldest city in the world?

The title of the oldest city in the world is widely debated; however, some of the contenders include Jericho in the West Bank, Aleppo in Syria, and Byblos in Lebanon. These cities have a long history of human settlement dating back thousands of years.

Wher is the city of damascus?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria.

Which is the oldest city in the world?

Damascus(Syria) is inhabited since 10000 B.C, After Damascus there is Jericho(Palestine) 80000 B.CThe following is added on 10/29/2010, to correct and amplify the previous answer. Jericho is eight thousand (8,000, not 80,000) years before the common era, so it would be ten thousand (10,000) years old, and it is located in Israel. (Palestine is not a country, at this time). Damascus is located in what is present day Syria, but there was no Syria when Damascus was founded. It should also be noted that there are questions if Damascus is the oldest inhabited city. This is a question beyond the scope of this response.

What is Syria's capital and main city?

Damascus is the capital and main city in Syria.

What country has the capital city of Damascus?

Damascus is the capital and largest city of Syria.

Where is damascus located?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria.

What is the capital and largest city in Syria?

Damascus is the capital and largest city of Syria.

How did the term 'damascus' barrel originate?

Damascus is a type of steel used usually of older firearms and tools