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Q: What city has the highest rainfall Vancouver or Melbourne?
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In which city of gujarat receive highest rainfall?

In Dang Jilla highest rainfall in gujarat.

Which city has most rainfall Dublin or Vancouver?

Vancouver with an average rainfall of 43.98 inches per year whereas Dublin only gets about 27 inches annually.

Which city in Italy has the highest rainfall?


What city has the highest average rainfall?


Which city has the highest rate of rainfall in madhya pradesh?


Is Brisbane city bigger city than Vancouver city?

Yes. Melbourne (capital city of Victoria) has a population of somewhere between 3.5 to 3.8 milion people and is growing at a considerable rate. There are nearly 2 million inhabitants living in the city boundaries of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.

What is a nine letter word for an olympic city?

Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Innsbruck, Vancouver

Which city in south Asia records the highest rainfall?

Chirapunchi in Assam, India has the highest rain fall.

What new zealand city receives the most rainfall?

Of the 15 recognised cities in New Zealand, New Plymouth has the highest rainfall.

What UK city has the highest amount of rainfall?

Nobody normal knows ask a scientist

Which city has the highest rainfall rate in India?

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya has the highest rainfall rate in India. Recently a nearby village to Cherrapunji, ie., Mawsynram has been recording more rainfalls.

What is the average rainfall for quito?

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and has an average annual rainfall of 38 inches. It is the highest official capital city in the world at an elevation of 9,350 feet.