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This chemical reaction is called neutralization.

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Q: What chemical reaction can be used to make a liquid less alkaline?
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Why would a chemical reaction stop?

Reactions stop because after time there are less reactants so the chemical reaction starts to slow down. As there are less and less reactants the chemical reaction gets slower and slower until it stops.

What is the best term to describe a chemical reaction in which the reactants have less potential energy than the products?

A chemical reaction whose reactants have less potential energy than the products would be called an endothermic reaction.

What alkaline earth metal has more protons then argon but less protons then krypton?

This chemical element is calcium (Ca).

Why catalyst affect the rate of chemical reaction?

They provide alternative pathway for the reaction, usually with less energy barrier

When a catalyst is present is more or less activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction?

Less Ea.

When a catalyst is present more less activation energy is needed to start a chemical reaction?

Less Ea.

What is the difference between the predicted and actual yield in a chemical reaction?

The actual yield of a reaction product is always less than the yield from the chemical equation. This is because of error.

Why does it appear there is less material after a chemical reaction?

The material still has the same amount. However, some of the matter leaves after the chemical reaction that changes the matter's molecular structure.

Why doesn't brandy freeze?

The molecules in alcohol prevent the water molecules from moving. They constantly collide with each other causing chemical reaction which gives off heat which doesn't allowing the liquid to freeze. unless -54 degrees or less the liquid will not freeze.

What is a type of chemical reaction where the energy of the products is less than the energy of the reactants?

When a reaction has products that have a lower temperature than the reactants did, the reaction is endothermic.

Does a battery weigh less after completely discharging?

No. A chemical reaction has taken place but mass is conserved.

Does adding water to a liquid make it less dense?

That depends on the specific situation. Assuming the liquids just mix, and don't have some other reaction: * Adding water to a liquid that is denser than water will result in a liquid that is less dense (than the liquid that is not water). * Adding water to a liquid that is less dense than water will result in a liquid that is more dense.