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These compounds are iron oxides.

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Q: What chemical compound causes Mars red color?
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What element gives Mars the reddish orange color?

The red color comes from various oxides of iron (hematite mostly) in very, very fine particles, and trace amounts of other elements including titanium, chlorine and sulfurscientists think mars once had water, and mars's surface has a lot of iron in it, so they react together and make rust, which is redish brown in color.:)

What causes planets to look a certain color?

Mars color is from rust. I don't know about the rest...

What causes the color change on Mars' surface observed from Earth?

dust storms

What color is mars is it a butter cotch color?

No, mars is not a butterscotch color mars is a reddish pinkish color.

What is the planet mars color?

Mars is the color of Red!!!

Why is mars is the red planet?

It's chemical IRON. [Iron Oxides]

Which planet changes its color?

The planet Uranus is known to change color. Its cyan color is due to the presence of methane gas in its atmosphere. As the planet orbits the sun, different concentrations of methane cause it to appear to change color from greenish-blue to a more turquoise hue.

What is Mars lava color?

Lava om Mars is the same color as on Earth.

What color would the sky be when viewed from mars?

The sky is a pinkish-red when viewed from mars because the atmosphere causes a tint.The sky would be pink when viewed from Mars.

Why did Mars get his name Mars?

Mars got its name because ancient people thought the red color on mars remind them of the color of blood which is in war. Mars was named afther the god of war called mars.

Where did the name Mars come from?

the name mars came from its color red. sometimes the word mars can be used as the color red in a different language.

Iron in the soil gives this planet it's red color?

The planet is Mars. Iron in the soil oxidizes, creating iron oxide, also known as rust, which gives the Martian surface its characteristic red color.