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Comedy Central is on channel 249.

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Q: What channel is comedy central for direct tv?
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What channel is comedy central on Direct TV cable?

comedy central is on channel 249 on directv

What channel is Tosh point 0 on direct tv?

Channel 249 (Comedy Central)

What channel is the tv show southpark on?

Comedy Central.

What channel is south park on the TV?

comedy central

Is there comedy central in Singapore If there is what is it?

Yes. Comedy Central Asia is on StarHub TV in Singapore. (Channel 516 SD, Channel 563 HD)

Is 249 chanal comedy central?

yes on direct tv

What channel is MAD TV on?

If you live in NE Indiana or NW Ohio, MAD TV is on, "Comedy Central" (as it is worlwide), and on the NE Indiana & NW Ohio, local FOX affiliate station.It's on Channel 5, Comedy Central, and Fox

What tv channel does Scrubs appear on?

Mainly...NBC, ABC,E4, Comedy Central.

What channel is raw on on direct tv?

It comes on channel 242 on usa network at 8:00 pm central time

What was the original name of the TV channel Comedy Central?

Time Warner launched The Comedy Channel in 1989. Five months later Viacom launched a rival comedy channel called HA!. The two channels merged into one channel called CTV: The Comedy Network on April 1, 1991. Trademark issues with the Canadian network CTV forced the owners to change the name of the network to Comedy Central on June 1, 1991.

What channel is the community channel on direct TV?

There is no community channel on direct tv

What television channel produced the Dave Chapelle Show?

The television channel that produced the Dave Chappelle Show is the channel called 'Comedy Central.' The Dave Chappelle Show was also shown on WGN America.

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