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It was taken off the sky platform.

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Q: What channel is aljazeera Arabic on sky?
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What does aljazeera mean?

It is Arabic for 'the peninsula'

Is peninsula an Arabic term?

Not at all If we want PENINSULA in Arabic we say Shabah AlJazeera

Schools in Qatar?

gulf English school and qatar acdamey and aljazeera school and athors Arabic schools gulf English school and qatar acdamey and aljazeera school and athors Arabic schools

Where can someone find Aljazeera Channel in English?

"Al Jazeera English" is the sister channel to "Al Jazeera", and is available translated from Arabic into English on a wide variety of networking channels. It is the first English-speaking news network based in the Middle East. Freeview - Channel number 83 Freesat - Channel number 203 Sky - Channel number 514 More channel numbers relating to the location of this channel in conjunction with other networks, or country locations can be found on Wikipedia - The free Encyclopaedia.

How do you contact Al jazeera TV channel?

i wana contact to aljazeera tv

Can you listen to Arabic on the internet?

Of course. There are lots of Youtube videos of Arabic speakers, news videos on Arabic news providers (like Aljazeera), a plethora of Arabic music and music videos, and Arabic-language documentaries.

When was Aljazeera Publishing created?

Aljazeera Publishing was created in 1992.

When was AlJazeera Jobs created?

AlJazeera Jobs was created in 2007.

What is the Arabic word for sky?

The Arabic word for sky is assamaai

How can activate your aljazeera sport card?

how to activate aljazeera sport card

When was Aljazeera Sports Club created?

Aljazeera Sports Club was created in 1948.

Does sky have a channel called sky teacher?

There is a Teachers channel available, though it isn't a Sky channel it is an independent channel that uses the same satellite that Sky use.