What channel is Smallvile on?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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CW11 At 8:00 PM

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Q: What channel is Smallvile on?
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What is the Smallvile tv series about?

Smallvile tv series is about the hero Superman. It is different from previous shows since the time period in this story covers Superman's teen years. Tom Welling stars.

When is smallvile season 9 release?

On September 25th in the USA 8/7 central.

When does cyborg come to smallvile?

He is revealed in episode 103 of season five (episode 15 of that season).

What is the name of Clark Kent's girl friend in the movie Smallvile?

Lana Lang , played by Kristin Kreuk .

In season three of smallvile did clark and lana date?

yeah he does. Lana has always know that Clark loves her. They first dated in season two

What does the football team do to a freshman every homecoming in smallvile series?

At homecoming on Smallville the football team would take a freshman out on the field and stripe him down. This is a series show.

Will clark ever tell Lois his secret in the final season of Smallville?

Yes clark tells Lois his secret. He tells Lois at the end of the episode Isis on the final season of smallvile

What do they call those scenes in TV and movies when a dead person appears to them?

Yeah I wrote this I want to give you a few examples: Like in the Smallvile season premier he saw his dad working on a fence and he died long ago.

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What channel is tennis channel on cablevison?

What channel is the ski channel on?

Ski channel.

What Channel is Ovation Channel?

what channel is ovation

In the U.S. what is the VHF radio safety and distress calling channel?

Channel 16