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Benny Bennasi

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Q: What celebrity had the birthday July 13th?
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When is the Jonas Brother's parent's birthday?

I believe papa Jonas birthday is Feb 13th and mama Jonas birthday is July 12th

What is Tulisa Contosavlos' birthday?

13th July

Who is celebrity birthday is on July 6?

Gregory Smith

What is tulisa from n dubz birthday?

Tulisas birthday is on 13th of July 1987 (: x

Whens Denise Jonas birthday?

i think July 13th

When is tulisa constavlos's birthday?

SHE Was 21 on 13th July 2009

Is Anne Frank a celebrity?

no she is just a popular person because of her diary she got for her 13th birthday but she is famous!!

When is Carson lueders birthday?

5th of April 2001

What celebrity birthday is July 5 1950?

rexella van impe

Which celebrity does Harry Potter share a birthday with on July 31?

Harry Potter shares a birthday with J.K. Rowling and me! (Really)

What is tulisa's star sign out of n dubz?

Tulisa's star sign is Cancer, her birthday is 13th July.

When is jordyn Jones birthday?

Jordyn Wilson was born on July 3, 1991.