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Q: What celebrities are secretly wearing guyliner?
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How many women secretly like wearing pantyhose?

If they like wearing them SECRETLY, how do you expect to get an accurate answer?

What is the 11things women secretly think while wearing skirts?

How good they look

Do celebs fart?

Of course celebs fart; everyone has gas, and like non-celebrities they try to hide it or do it secretly.

How can you tell if a man is wearing makeup?

There are two reasons a man would wear makeup--as a corrective, or for an effect.If he uses it as a corrective and does it right, you won't be able to tell.If he wears it for an effect--think guyliner--it'll be very obvious.

Do any celebrities wear a Nike Sport watch?

Yes, many celebrities where sport watches. I can't name each and every one that does but do keep in mind that it is popular and celebrities are wearing them.

Which celebrities are wearing long necklaces now?

Some examples for cute celebrities wearing long necklaces now include "Jennifer Lawrence", "Anne Hathaway", "Nicole Richie", "Jessica Alba", "Kourtney Kardashian" and "Jessica Biel".

What celebrities have been photographed wearing a leopard print dress?

There are plenty of celebrities who have been photographed wearing a leopard print dress such as Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Shakira, Jessia Alba, Gwen Stefani, Eva Mendes, and many others.

Which celebrities wear diapers?

Amy Winehouse was famously pictured wearing diapers on a couple of occasions

what style of clothing is best for a date?

there are many ways to be stylish, just check out the latest fashion trends which celebrities are wearing and try to mimic the looks which they are wearing.

What celebrities are famous for saggy pants?

There are a number of celebrities that are famous or well known for wearing baggy pants. Baggy pants were a staple in the 90's music scene, and some hip hop artists like MC Hammer and Kriss Kross were known for wearing them.

Why did bobby Sherman divorce patti carnel?

I don't know why exactly but I think that it was what I call the curse of the secretly married. By the 1970's the secretly married thing had been done to death. Many secretly married celebrities are no longer married to the secret spouse. John Lennon. Davy Jones, et al.

Are fish net stockings still in style?

If fashion is set by what celebrities are wearing, then yes, fishnets are definitely in style! Britney Spears enjoys wearing them as does Paris Hilton.