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Q: What causes you to go to sleep soon after you sit down to watch tv or while doing anything?
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What do you do after smoking marijuana?

i ussually eat, sleep, watch tv or a movie and relax but you can do anything you feel like doing.

What causes you to go to sleep for just seconds while sitting up?

Look at a light or watch TV

What should you do at home?

You could clean or draw or watch movies or eat a meal or sleep go online; you can do anything!

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If you just watch something happen without doing anything about it, your are being a bystander.

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It doesn't mean anything. You should ask the specific woman who is doing this.

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It is illegal to watch copywrighted movies online without paying, so no where I'm afraid.

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can i make a watch that can do anything?

Can you sleep with your watch on your wrist at night?

If you want to. I find it annoying, but many people do. There is a danger of smacking it against the headboard or wall, but there is noting really wrong with doing it.

Where can you watch unfabulous online?

You can watch "unfabulous" on youtube, as you can watch anything on youtube!! Ask anything else that I can answer, i can answer anything actually!! lol!!! :)

How can you not sleep?

u watch a movie

How do you stop feeling stressful that you have to study at school holidays?

Eat ice-cream, sleep, watch TV, swim, eat, sleep,go out with friends, sleep. There. You are doing stuff that are meant to be done during the school holidays. Stress is not going anywhere. It can wait until the school starts.

What do you watch when you watch tv?