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What causes the water slosing sound in dash oard of a Buick park ave2002

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Q: What causes wer sloshing sound in dash board on a 2002 buick park ave?
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What causes a water sloshing sound in the engine bay of a 2000 Impreza?

Hi, this is a common problem with subaru's - you need to get the cooling system pressure bled - i.e there is air in your cooling system.

I hear water splashing side to side when I drive my convertible sounds like water is trapped somewhere in the rear of the car and you can hear water sloshing side to side?

You may have water somewhere in the bottom of your trunk. If not, it could well be the sound of your gasoline sloshing around in the tank - older GM cars were notorious for this sloshing sound.

Gas sloshing sound in a 2009 Chevy Malibu?

put some more gas in her!!

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What causes a metal sound when making left turns only in a 1992 Buick LeSabre?

CV Joint going out

What is causing a 1989 Chevrolet silverado sloshing sound in dash?

Heater core has air in it and or plugging up.

Sloshing sound passenger side?

Low coolant? Heater core may have air and needs to be purged?

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What causes the sound of sloshing water as you drive?

If the noise is coming from the dash, your condensation drain is clogged. under the vehicle, passenger side at the bottom of the a/c box is a rubber "udder" reach up and squish it to open it up and drain out the water. p.s. wear a raincoat...

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