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Q: What causes the sound waves that travel from an air hammer to your ears?
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What causes sound waves to travel?

the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel

What causes sound to travel?

Sound waves are produced by vibrations, which causes disturbances in the surrounding medium .These disturbances are transferred from the source in the form of longitudinal waves.

What does sound travel on?

Waves; sound waves.

How do sound waves travel what do sound waves need in order to travel?

sound waves bounce off of walls. they need air to travel.

What can sound waves not travel in?

sound waves can't travel in a vacuum (space)

How do sound waves travel to a satellite?

Sound waves require a medium to travel through, and, since space is a vacuum, sound waves can't travel in it.

What kind of waves does sound travel?

sound waves

Why do sound waves travel in waves?

Because they are waves, and waves travel that way.

Sound waves cannot travel on the?

Sound waves cannot travel through vaccum.

What is the objective of travel faster radio waves or sound waves?

sound waves

Can sound waves travel through clouds?

Yes, sound waves can travel through clouds.

What is one place sound waves cannot travel?

Sound waves cannot travel in space. Sound waves some medium in order to propagate.