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The greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases that absorb infrared rays and thereby keep the earth warmer than it otherwise would be. The greenhouse effect is important to life on earth. Without greenhouse gases, there would be global cooling and life as we know it would no longer be possible. With increased levels of greenhouse gases, there is global warming and undesirable climate change.

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Q: What causes the greenhouse effect and how does it affect earths atmosphere?
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Why is Carbon-Oxygen2 important for the earths atmosphere?

It is not, because the greenhouse affect causes global warming.

How do greenhouse gases affect the earths atmosphere?

They slow the loss of heat

How does the greenhouse effect affect the earths atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect causes the earth's atmosphere to hold in more heat radiation than it should. It is caused by envirormentally harmful chemicals entering the atmosphere, like carbon dioxcide. This ,in turn, causes the global temperature to increase global warming.

How does burning fossil fuels affect earths atmosphere?

Burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere. This can raise global temperatures.

How does the Greenhouse Effect affect the atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect helps the atmosphere by keeping the suns rays on earth acting like a bubble letting sun light in but trapping as it tries to bounce of earths surface keeping earth warm

What is the source of radiation for both the earths atmosphere the greenhouse?

The sun.

What is the source of radiation for both the earths atmosphere and greenhouse?

The sun.

What substance traps heat from the earths in the atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases

How did earths atmosphere change?

Earths atmosphere has changed in a few ways. It contains more pollutants and carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

Trapping of heat in the earths atmosphere by certain gases is known as the?

greenhouse effect

What causes all of the changes that take place in earths atmosphere?

what causes all of the changes that take place in earths atmosphere is the tilt of the earths axis

What is what is the earths atmosphere heated by?

The trapping of heat by the Earth's atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect. During the greenhouse effect, radiation becomes entrapped which results in the heating of the Earth.