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the answer is rotational force

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Q: What causes an electric motors magnetic field to collapse?
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What is the cause of an electric motors electric field to collapse?

there is a some reason for the collapse of electric field -- winding is affected by overcurrent and vibration., or the conductor is earthed.

How are motors and magnets alike?

Magnets and electric motors are similar in that they both produce magnetic fields.

Where do you use magnetic field?

In a magnetic compass, electric motors, security system sensors and a whole lot more.

What do you mean by heating and magnetic effect of electric current?

When electric current travels through a conductor, there is always resistance. This resistance causes some of the energy of the current to express as heat. Additionally, the movement of the current causes a magnetic field to form around the current in a clockwise direction. This principle is what allows coil heaters and induction motors to operate.

How are magnetic levitation vehicles propelled?

Using linear electric motors where the rails are the "stator" and the train cars are the "rotor" (however the move in a linear fashion instead of rotating, as in regular electric motors).

Which TWO types of magnets do you need to make a simple motor?

The most basic of electric motors consists of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet. This is not a requirement for all types of electric motors and most modern electric motors do not have permanent magnets. The stator and rotor are the two active elements of a simple electric motor and both have magnetic fields in the various types and designs of simple motors.

What property makes electric motor possible?

Magnetism. The ATTRACTION and REPULSION of magnetic poles is the BASIC design process that makes electric motors work.

How are magnetic metals useful?

Magnetic materials have been used in electric motors, door latches and medical equipment to see if people have any disease inside them

An electric current produces?

Produces magnetic fields, that are used in generators, inductors and motors. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a magnitude and a direction.

What do magnet have to do with simple motors?

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy through moving electric conductors through a magnetic field. Magnets can be permanent magnets or electromagnets.

Can you spin a wheel using magnetic energy?

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how electric motors work.

Does electric motors change mechanical energy to magnetic energy?

Electrical energy in the form of electric current passing in the vicinity of magnetic field would create a mechanical rotation in the coil. So conversion of electrical into magnetic energy. Magnetic interaction brings out mechanical energy