What causes a car to drift right then left?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Bad wheel bearings

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Q: What causes a car to drift right then left?
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What causes frt corners to rise on car when turning steering left or right?

Because you drove up the left or right sidewalk.

What causes a rubbing noise when making a left or right hand turn?

A broken car =]

What causes a car to steer to the left more than right?

Nothing your just weird

When a car makes a sharp left turn what causes the passenger to move toward the right side of the car?

centrifugal force

How do you drift with a car?

To perform a left tail drift in a front drive car - build up the speed. Decelerate fairly heavily but performing a simultaneous right flick on the steering wheel - a shock wave will shoot through the car (you can feel it happen there is no easy way to explain it.) As this shock wave passes the centre point of the car steer into the direction of the tail drift, if the tail does not swing out then a short flick of the handbrake will start the drift. We then need to catch the drift and control it using gentle throttle control and smooth steering - opposite lock (so steer to the right, just enough to keep the drift going but without overcooking things causing a spin and without undercooking throwing the drift in the opposite direction.)

Where can you go drift a car?

Dude you can drift a car in the desert which is where i learned

Can you drift with an automatic car?

Depends on the car, some cars can drift with automatic.

What makes the car to drift?

Visit this link:

Can any remote control car drift?

No not every RC car can drift.

Can you drift in gta San Andreas ps2?

yes,'course u can.just accelerate and move at a very high speed,then press square and move the left analog stick in either left or right.the car will drift.

Car silencer is on right or left?


Who is at fault when the left lane merges into the right and the car in the left is to long and has no room to enter the right lane the car in the left hits the car in the right lane?

the car changing lanes, so the left. By Yisoonshin - "I thought that the car on the right would be at fault, because since the left lane is merging, the right car should go faster or slower to allow room for the car in the left lane. It's not like you can stop right there. But usually the right lane merges into the left, or at least I thought they do. By Perau - nope, that's not how it works. the car on that lane has the rightaway to go at whatever speed they like. The car on the left has to wait and make sure it is clear for them to merge.