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To decide if the conquered territories would become free or slave states. This ultimately led to the American Civil War (1861-1865)

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Q: What caused debates after Mexican war?
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What caused more debates after the Mexican war?

the united states wanted texas to join the union.

What were the chain of events that caused the Mexican war?

Congress decided to annex Texas, therefore leading to the Mexican War.

The annexation of which state caused the Mexican American War?


Why did people refer to the Mexican American War as Polk's war?

He created the conditions that caused the war.

What caused the Texan Mexican War?

The desire for Texan Independence from Mexico.

What caused many of the debates in congress during the years leading up to the civil war?

States rights, slavery, western expansion, trade, property and taxation, cause many of the debates.

What are some major wars manifest destiny caused?

Mexican American War

What events caused the Mexican government to want to end the Mexican war?

The fall of Mexico City was at the hands of General Winfield Scott.

Which war resulted in territorial gains for the US that caused sectional conflict in the years leading up to the Civil War?

Mexican War

What are the causes of the Texas-Mexico war?

the mexican war was caused becausethey could not agrey on somethig so they thought they had to fight it

What war caused California to become part of your union?

Mexico gave up its claims to California as a result of the Mexican War.

What was the caused of the Mexican American war?

The annexation of Texas as a US state in 1846 directly led to the war, but US ambitions toward the Mexican lands in the West were the driving force for the conflict.