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Paper towels that are thick

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Q: What can you use instead of chromatography paper in a paper chromatography test?
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Where may one learn about paper chromatography?

If you like science Paper Chromatography is something to look into. You can take Chemistry classes to find out different ideas on how to use Paper Chromatography.

How will you separate the components of black ink using chromatography?

You can use the filter paper or chromatography paper to separate the different components in black ink.

What jobs use affinity chromatography?

Chromatography is the use of specially formulated paper to test the pH of a solution. Jobs using chromatography include chemists, researchers, students, pharmaceutical technicians, aquarists, and pool maintenance personnel.

Is methanol a good solvent to use in paper chromatography?

Because methanol is a very polar solvent

Why is chromatography used in the police?

the police use chromatography to solve crimes, for example if they wanted to solve if a drug or a substance was illegal or legal they would use paper chromatograhy which would mean they would place the substance or a drug on paper dip it in a testing liquid which could be water for example and if the paper turns purple for example that liquid may be illegal or if that dot of the certain substance rises over 5cm for example it may be illegal so chromatography comes in very handy for the police and solving there crimes ! Hope this helped ;) xxx

What is the stationary phase in gel electrophoresis?

Stationary Phase is a layer or coating on the supporting medium that interacts with the analytes and is fixed in a place either in column or a planar surface. It can be solid, liquid, gel or solid-liquid mixture.

Instead of using I in a essay paper what word do you use?

Instead of using I in a essay paper what word do you use?

What is paper chromatography used for?

Paper chromatography is a method used for separating out different components of solution. The most common classroom use for it is to visually see the different colored dyes in ink because the different colors will travel different lengths across the paper.

How is chromatography used in drug testing?

Chemists use liquid chromatography a complex of substances. They can use chromatography to analyze drugs and also test blood and urine samples. People use it to separate and purify different substances and chromatography can detect the presence of drugs in a person's blood.

Disadvantages of paper chromatography?

The only disadvantage, like any paper chromatography method, is that the test take a lot of time - typically 45 to 90 minutes.This method also yield little amount of pigments when it comes to the extraction of the isolated pigments. Several tests must be run to gather a respectable amount for further chemical tests.

What would you use in a paper chromatography?

We use several things such as stationary phase which is a paper, mobile phase according to your solute and the mixture to be analysed. All these are placed in a closed chamber.

What can you use instead of plastic to your environment?

You Can Use Paper Bags Instead Of Plastic