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Fasting except for fluids. You have to maintain an appropriate fluid level or you will dehydrate.

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Q: What can you do to ease nusea with a stomach virus?
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When you have a stomach virus what does your stomach produce to get rid of it?

Having a stomach virus does not mean that the virus is in the stomach. Few germs could live in the acid there. What stomach virus refers to is a virus infection in the entire body that happens to cause nausea and expulsion of the stomach's contents and also diarrhea in the intestines.

What do you have - headache and stomach sick?

If you have a fever it may be the stomach virus

Does sifaka world have a virus?

No,not at all. Feel at ease when you're on it.

How do you put hula in a sentence?

hula hoops ease my stomach

Can humans catch a stomach virus from dogs?

Mammals in most cases are susceptible to the same viruses.

Headache and a stomach pain is this a virus?

Based on the symptoms it's most likely a virus.

In the Matrix what is the name of the bug that the Agents put inside Neo's stomach?

Stomach virus

Can you eat french fries when you have had a stomach virus?

Yes, the salt is good for your stomach. It coats it.

What can pregnant women take for a stomach virus?

When I got the stomach virus, they gave me phennergin (I think I spelled it wrong). It works really well, but makes you sleepy.

Where does a virus form?

A virus forms in you're stomach. It it's a computer virus, then try a higher source of answers.Hope I helped! ;)

Does Miley Cyrus have a stomach vireos?

Miley Cyrus does not have a stomach virus as of 2/6/2011

Will spoiled food always make you sick?

Yes. You will get a stomach virus that will make you diharea all day or you just throw up the virus. Its kinda like the stomach flu.