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He is cheating on you that is the only possible answer i can give you but what you should do is talk to him and figure something out if he loves you or the other girl

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Q: What can you do since your husband is incapable of making love to you for 10 years of marriage?
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What to do about a bigamist marriage when the other husband died?

If you are a bigamist and your first, and legal, husband died then you should arrange to marry your present "husband". Until you do you are not legally married since your "marriage" to him was invalid due to your own marital status.

How can you dissolve a marriage if your husband used a fake name?

divorce him, legally the marriage was illegal since his name was fake its like you were never married

Is your sister's niece through her marriage also your niece?

Since it's her husband's niece the niece is just your sister's niece through marriage and not your niece.

What do you call a divorced woman ms or mrs?

Ms. Since she has not husband and since the society permits her to go for other marriage if she wishes, she should be considered as Ms. only.

How was Hera helpful to humans?

since she is the Greek god of marriage and family she helps people by making families

What is a marriage of a woman without a physical husband called?

In many jurisdictions, a woman may marry another woman. Such a marriage does not include a husband and is referred to as a "same-sex marriage." Also, in many religions, especially the Roman Catholic Church, nuns are said to marry the Christian Messiah. Theologians may argue whether there is a physical husband in such a marriage; however, such unions are not legally recognized in any jurisdiction, since marriage laws generally require both spouses to be physically present, submit legal proof of identity, and explicitly consent to the marriage being performed.

I Divorced first husband and divorced 2nd husband 1st husband has since died do you still need to produce divorce papers for 1st husband to remarry?

It depends on where you marry. In Illinois, if you have been married multiple times, you are only required to give the number of marriages, and the exact month day and year of how the last marriage ended. You will also have to know the state and county the marriage ended in.

How do you use ad hoc mode on psp Street?

Since the PSP Street has no wireless hardware inside, it is incapable of making ad-hoc connections to other PSP units.

In Texas can a common law wife be forced to testify against her husband?

Since a common law marriage is a legally binding marriage in Texas, she would have the same rights and restrictions as any other wife.

How does same-sex marriage affect you?

It doesn't affect me at all. Same sex marriage, like any marriage, only affects the spouses and their families.Alternate Viewpoint:Same-sex marriage affects my family's finances, since we currently pay more federal income tax than a heterosexual married couple does. It also affects our retirement planning, since my husband will not be eligible for any social security benefits unless Section 3 of DOMA is overturned. It affects our estate planning, since my husband would have to pay additional taxes on my 401(k) savings if I die before he does. It affects our family stability, since my husband is not a US citizen and has no hope of ever obtaining legal immigration status in the US unless DOMA is overturned. The US Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on the constitutionality of DOMA will decide whether my husband is deported and whether I will have to leave my native US to live with my husband.

What is your kinship to your sister's husband's daughter?

Since your sister's husband's daughter is usually your sister's daughter, you are her aunt or uncle. If the husband's daughter is from a prior marriage (before he married your sister) then the daughter is not related to you. However, if the daughter is young, her father may have her call you and treat you as an aunt or uncle.

Do you have to divorce my husband before putting house for sell?

Usually a house is part of the divorce since it was bought while there was a marriage. This means that both of you have an interest in the house. You will have to settle with your husband what will happen with the house.