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take a shower or use perfume

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Q: What can you do if a people have a body odor?
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Do Hindu people have body odor?

This is a joke question, right? This is like asking if Christan people have body odor. While some do, It is not because they are hindu. Think about your question...

How many people in the United States have bad body odor?

There are no statistics on how many people in the United States have bad body odor. There have not been studies done on this matter as of August 2014.

What could cause someone to have body odor even though they shower often?

== == The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes people to have body odor despite showering frequently.

When you get rid of your body odor does it stay off forever?

No; you have to stay clean. Some people have a naturally strong odor and have to use an antiperspirant or deodorant. Diet can help too. When I became a vegetarian my body odor went away!

Can you get sick breathing in peoples body odor?

YES! I have a lung infection/upper respiratory infection from breathing people on a public transportation bus. Cologne and body odor has taken me down.

How do the geeky bacteria create body odor and how can it be prevented?

the odor of your body is occured by sweat.

What is the cause of body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

What behaviors can affect body odor?

Activities that make you sweat can affect your body odor.

What is the cause of bad body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

Why do people take showers?

People take showers to wash away dirt, sweat, oil, and body odor.

Why does sweat cause you to have odor?

Sweat is the water residue that is as a result of exercise or workout.This is called respiration.Sweat causes body odor since sweat also is a way for the body to release materials not needed in the body and this can come out with sweat. When this materials are mixed with the air outside the body the body is a odor called body odor.

Why do you need to make sure that you dont have body odor?

So your smell doesn't offend people.