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You can't do much for a swollen lymph node but you can identity what is causing it to swell and take care of that. Other than that, don't touch the lymph node and take pain killers if it is causing you pain.

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Q: What can you do for a swollen lymph node?
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Lump on your neck what can it be?

possibly an swollen lymph node possibly an swollen lymph node

Intramammary lymph node?

swollen gland wthin the breast

What could be the cause of a tender or sore lump in your neck under your ear?

If your neck is swollen and under your ears are red and tender, you may have swollen glands. Swollen glands are a result of an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

What is lymph in Tagalog?

lymph node is kulani (kulane) in Filipino. when your lymph nodes get palpable or swollen, you say, may kulani ako.

Can getting punched in the lymph node make it swollen?

Ok literally, just fought my brother, he elbows me 3 times in the jaw and my lymph node is swollen on my left side, hurts lika B as if some1 is stabbing me, was looking for the answer of "what happens when your lymph node gets swollen from being punched" and came across this. Well i have first hand experience with this one so im gonna havta say yes getting punched there swells your lymph node

When you have an infection the buildup of white blood cells causes what to be swollen?

lymph node

What is lymph glands in tagalog?

lymph node is kulani (kulane) in Filipino. when your lymph nodes get palpable or swollen, you say, may kulani ako.

Why do people have a swollen lymph node when they are sick?

The lymph nodes trap the white cells (bacteriophages) coming in from the periphery of the body.

What is the most common cause of swollen lymph node behind ear in child?

The most common cause of a swollen lymph node behind the ear in a child is due to an infection of some sort. It could be an ear infection, flu or tonsillitis.

Should I see a doctor about a swollen lymph node?

Yes, if your nymph node has been swollen for two years you should see a specialist. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What does it mean when you have a swollen tender slightly red lymph node in your armpit that goes away but comes in the other armpit right after?

A swollen lymph node is a sign that your body is fighting an infection. You should see your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment of the infection.

What can cause a swollen right supra clavicular lymph node?

swallon right supraclavicular lymph node shows something wrong with abdominal organs,there might be cancer of viscers in abdomen.