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Condom, the pill, a dam

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Q: What can you do because you do not want to get pregnant after sex?
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I want to get pregnant tonight. what do i do?

Have sex.

Why do women abuse men?

Because they want to have sex and then they leave them pregnant and then go to their next victim. Men do this because they want sex to leave women pregnant and leave them all happy. This happens to 95% to these women and 5% get hit by their husband.

Did Bella and edward want to get pregnant?

No, Bella and Edward did not want to get her pregnant. Bella just wanted to have sex because she thought she wouldn't feel the same about Edward when she is a vampire so she wanted to have the last moments be true and real.

Can you get pregnant without a mans spurn?

If you mean "a man's sperm" then no, you can't. But you don't necessarily have to have sex with a guy to get pregnant because these days there are medical procedures you can go through if you want to get pregnant...but sperm is still involved with that.

Why do animals have families?

why do you have a family because they have sex and get pregnant.

Is ahlam pregnant?

yes she is because she had a lot of sex

I'm 3 months pregnant and had sex. Is it ok?

Yes. You can have as much sex as you want when your pregnant unless your doctor has a reason why you shouldn't. The baby is safe although later in the pregnancy you may want to avoid "rough sex" and things like that.

If you want to become pregnant And you start your periods Will you be pregnant?

Yes, you just have to have sex while you are ovulating & fertile.

Why haven't i had my period when im not pregnant?

Because your pregnant who did u have sex with come on and tell

Why do women hate sex?

Women Hate Sex Because They Get Pregnant All the time from it .

What can someone do if you have already have unprotected sex but you donot want to be pregnant?

The morning after pill is available up to 5 days after sex and after that there is nothing to do. But hurry because the effect gets less the longer you wait.

How many time want to sex get a pregnant?

There is no set number of times. You CAN get pregnant the very first time you have sexual intercourse.