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it is good for your body because that is when you stop going through puberty and it may happen during the ages of 45 and55

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Q: What can menopause do to your body is it bad or good?
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What is menopause is bad or good?

menopause is bad because it makes you forget things especially bad to youths

Does menopause cause lowered body temp?

It depends on how bad you have the menopause. It can give you hot flashes or make you cold.

How can Chloroform be bad and good for you?

It is not good for body. It can be bad if you get it as a anesthetic.

Does hormone replacement interfere with menopause?

Yes hormone replacement does interfere with menopause because it is basically erases any signs from your body that your body needs menopause by making you fertile again.

Is green tea good for menopause?

It can be, green tea is good for the body in many ways. (calming, helps cleanese it, aids metabolism, ect.)

What is the difference between puberty and menopause?

Puberty is when the body is ready to reproduce. Menopause is when you can no longer reproduce.

How is the married life after menopause?

Just as bad as it usually is.

How can you delay menopause?

That are not many steps that you can take to delay menopause. Menopause is just something that happens to your body. You should try to stay as healthy as possible.

Is a amoeba good or bad for your body?

it is good if you are not sick

WHYBody temp of 103.6 good or bad?

Is a body temp of 103.6 good or bad

Are CC sticks bad or good for the body?


Can you ovulate after menopause?

No, you can't still ovulate after menopause. Menopause is the process by which a woman's body comes to the end of it's reproductive years and the woman stops producing eggs. Although menopause can take years, once through menopause there is no more ovulation.