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Just file your claim, you won't get into trouble. The worst thing that can happen is that your claim will be denied, which is no worse than if you didn't file a claim.

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Q: What can i do when you lied on your insurance the main policy holder details but if the named driver details are all correct and they had an accident how can i claim without getting into trouble?
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How can you use the insurance associate in the sentence?

"The insurance associate was unsure of how to handle the man's insurance after getting into an accident."

Is unlicensed driver in accident able to get insurance?

Driver's licensure is a condition of getting auto insurance.

What will NOT make your auto insurance cheaper?

Getting into an accident of any kind.

What are the procedures for getting an accident health insurance?

In order for one to get accident health insurance one just needs to inquire and apply with an insurance provider. One site that assists in finding accident health insurance providers is the eHealthInsurance website. Some companies that offer accident health insurance are Aflac and American General.

What is the important details about computer?

Getting the data that you enter into them correct.

How do you find out a Truckers insurance company?

Getting into an accident with one and surviving is one way to find out.

What are the benefits of getting underinsured motorist car insurance?

There are numerous advantages to getting extra insurance. Aside from greater peace of mind, you can be assured that in the case of an accident, you will be covered more completely.

Driver become subject to liability insurance law when accident damages amount to?

You are subject to liability insurance requirements whether or not an accident occurs. An accident has nothing to do with liability requirements. You are required to have liability insurance of at least the minimum required by your state before getting into a vehicle and driving it. Driving is what triggers the law.

What is covered by commonwealth insurance?

The things that are covered by Commonwealth insurance are things such as getting into a car accident, house burning down, and hospital stays when a person is sick.

What if you get into and accident and have no insurance or license but are getting them now before you go to court?

Well, you have made yourself look better for court but YOU didnt have it at the time of the accident. You will still get in trouble,

What is a good insurance settlement?

A good insurance settlement means that the recipient of the settlement receives a fair amount in compensation for the event or accident. An insurance adjuster or attorney may help in getting a good insurance settlement.

My wife doesn't have a drivers license can that stop me from getting auto insurance?

That shouldn't keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wife should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.