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Q: What can i do to prevent the spread of polio?
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Why was polio vaccine invented?

To prevent polio.

What is the vector for polio?

Polio was spread human-to-human, not by a vector.

Can you get polio through kissing?

You can't get polio from kissing. Polio is spread by the oral fecal route.

What is the agent for polio?

Polio is a virus that is spread when fecal contamination is ingested.

What was the drug responsible for the cure of polio?

Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine. This does not cure polio but it does prevent it. Polio remains incurable.

How did west African art spread?

With Polio

Is the polio vaccine used to treat plantar warts?

No. It is only used to prevent polio.

What kind of vaccines prevent polio?

The kind of vaccine that prevents Polio is called IPV.

How polio is spread?

Polio is transmitted, most commonly, through fecal matter and saliva.

What disease does the sabin vaccine prevent?


What cures Polio?

Polio actually can not be cured. There is, however, a vaccination that can be taken to prevent people who do not have polio, from getting polio. The polio vaccination was created by Salk and Sabin. Originally, the polio vaccination by Salk was administered in the form of a shot. The Sabin is given by mouth.

How did polio epidemic spread in Jamaica in 1954?

it was spread by airborne viruses sneezing coughing and by poor hygiene