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candy canes or sugar puffs.

eat a lot of potassium as well.

some people actually take heroin to heal the pain.

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Q: What can help a damaged hypothalamus?
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How is the hypothalamus used in a sentence?

The word "hypothalamus" refers to an area of the human brain that is located under the thalamus. An example of the word "hypothalamus" in a sentence is "The patient's hypothalamus region was damaged in the car accident which is why she's having trouble sleeping and is experiencing erratic emotional distress. "

What gland does the hypothalamus help?

The Pituitry gland

What products helps an abnormal hypothalamus?

No food product is going to help "an abnormal hypothalamus". To even know you have an "abnormal hypothalamus", you'd need to be diagnosed by a neurologist, who would then recommend treatment options.

What gland produces hormones that help turn on and turn off?


What is produced in the hypothalamus?

it is the core of the central nervous system so i think it produces the main controlls of speech, memory, walking etc if damaged

What is the role of the hypothalamus in obesity?

The hypothalamus is a small portion of the brain that is responsible to metabolic processes; it controls hunger and thirst along with body temperature etc. If the hypothalamus were to become disrupted or damaged, signals from your stomach may become misinterpreted, making one think they are hungry when they are not. The hypothalamus also responds to stress. In order for one to cope with large amounts of stress, the hypothalamus make you feel hungry. There is a fairly large paper written by G. C. Kennedy about this topic going into great detail. Refer to the URL in the link below.

What part of speech is hypothalamus?

Hypothalamus is a noun.

What part of the brain controls fluid intake?

Posterior pituitary gland secreting anti-diuretic hormone.

What is the most important area of the brain for temperature regulation?


What part of the brain controls thirst?

Can a brain lesion cause excessive thirst even if the pituitary gland is normal? Also where would the lesion be located?

Is damage to the hypothalamus life threatening and does it cause continuous weight gain for the rest of ones life?

Yes, but only if at least 65% or higher is damaged or removed wiithout replacement.

Body homeostasis is maintained by the?