What can game maker do?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Everything as far as making games.

  • you have every single piece of code you will ever need.
  • free tutorials that come with it.
  • an easy interface for beginners and a harder interface for advanced people.
  • AND...if you ever come up with a problem such as not having the function to do something you need to, you can use extensions which have unlimited capabilities.
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Q: What can game maker do?
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Who is the game maker?

Sorry, But this area is for game maker questions only, GAME MAKER, As in the PROGRAM GAME MAKER, Not Other Game Makers, Game maker is owned by yoyo games, So please dont post questions about other game makers here, but, to answer your question, game maker is the best game maker, just search yoyogames game maker in Google UK.

Can you transfer a game from game maker to game maker studio?


What is game maker 7 pro activation code?

The Game Maker 7 Pro activation code allows you to upgrade from Game Maker 7 Lite to Game Maker 7 Pro.

Can you get Game Maker without downloading?

If your talking about the game maker at "", then no.

What is a good video game maker for a beginner?

Game maker from yoyogames.

Where can you get game maker 7pro?

Game Maker 7 Pro can be bought for about 20 US dollars at the official Game Maker website (

What is the best website I can submit your game maker game? games is the most suitable game shareing website for game maker as they are the owners of the game maker brand.

How do you edit exe in game maker?

Executables (even compiled by Game Maker) are not possible to edit in Game Maker. To edit it you would have to decompile or disassemble it, or use a hex editor. Game Maker can only edit files such as *.gmk, *.gm81 and older versions of the Game Maker files.

Which game maker can make a ninja game?

Any game maker can create a ninja game. Most choose not to.

What are some commands for game maker 7?

Read the Game Maker Documentation.

What do you have to do for a video game maker?

try going to and download "game maker"

When was game maker released?

Game Maker was released November 15 on 1999