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When you cut yourself, you are at risk of tetanus (lockjaw) or other diseases. Cutting yourself can ruin relationships, alienate yourself from people, and it WILL leave scars. Also, you may accidentally cut an important vein, and you may bleed to death.

I have personal experience with this in the past. DO NOT DO IT!

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Q: What can cutting yourself do to you?
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Songs about cutting yourself or about cutting yourself because of your boyfriend?

Cut By Plumb

Can cutting yourself make you dizzy?

no cutting yourself wont make you dizzy but it can cause internal bleeding

Is cutting yourself not good?


Is cutting yourself okay?

No, cutting yourself indicates a problem that needs to be resolved. You should seek help to resolve whatever those problems are.

How do you get emo hairstyles by yourself?

Lock yourself in a bathroom, turn on the Cure, and start cutting.

What is something you can use to make cutting yourself not hurt?

Please don't cut yourself.

Can you really hurt yourself or do any long damage by cutting yourself? can kill yourself ... by accident. If you cut an artery.

What should you do if you have a problem of cutting yourself?

Talk to a psychologist about how you can't stop cutting yourself. He can help you. If you have a good friend, talk to them. Surely they can help you in getting your problem done and over with.

What is some good cutting songs?

It depends upon what you're cutting. If you're cutting wood or sod, you might want different music from what you would listen to while cutting yourself.

What is the likelihood of cutting yourself shaving?

Being 100% idiot

What does cutting yourself mean?

It means you feel pain and bleed.

How do you make yourself bleed more when cutting?

WikiAnswers does NOT give advice on how to harm your body. PLEASE do not cut yourself. If you have a problem, cutting yourself would not solve it! It will just make matters worse. Talk to someone that you believe could understand you. Again, please DO NOT CUT YOURSELF!