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Community colleges are the most prevalent schools that offer the associate in applied science degrees (AAS). You can start by contacting or stopping in at your home county community college for detailed information.

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Q: What can I do with Associate of Applied Science technical studies?
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What can I can an associate's degree in?

Associates degrees that are transferrable are the most popular. These include an associates of arts, science, fine arts and arts in teaching. Associate Degrees that work towards career and professional goals by themselves are applied science, industrial technology, business administration and occupational studies There are also various off the wall associates degrees like: associate of public service, forestry, nursing, general studies, engineering, applies business, applied arts, baccalaureate studies, political science, etc.

Is there a difference between an Associate in General Studies and an Associate in Arts in General Studies?

The associates in general studies has to be either an arts or science degree. You cannot just have a degree in general studies. Typically this type of degree is usually referred to as a liberal arts degree (AA).

How do you abbreviate associate degree in general studies?

If you have an Art degree, which is the more common general studies degree, it would be Associate in Art of General Studies. A.A.G.S. or AAGS Some schools offer a science in general studies degree, similarly it would be abbreviated A.S.G.S. or ASGS

Associated of Applied science in general Studies?

An associate of applied science in general studies is a degree program that provides a broad education in various academic disciplines. It is designed to give students a well-rounded education and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Graduates of this program can pursue entry-level positions in various fields or continue their studies at a bachelor's degree level.

What is the abbreviation of associate of occupational studies?

AOS associate of occupational studies

What kind of job can you get with a Associate of Science in General Studies?

there will be no science without maths because science deals with a lot of calculation. for example physics and chemistry deals with calculus which is a mathematics topic.

Is the AOS the same as an AAS?

The AAS (Associate of Applied Science) and the AOS (Associate of Occupational Studies), are basically the same. Both are designed to give the student all the expertise necessary to enter the workforce particular to a specific career path immediately after completion of the degree. The AAS does have some general education requirements such as communication skills (written and oral) social science and humanities, where the AOS may have none.

Is an Associate of Occupational Studies degree accepted by most employers?

It depends on whether the associate's degree is designed as a transfer program to a four year college or university. If the degree is an associate in applied science, and the college does not have an articulation with a four year institution, it may be difficult to transfer the degree full faith in credit.

Where is Kandinsky's color studies with technical explanations?

where is kendinskys colour studies with technical explanations

What are the different fields of scientific studies and classify them as pure and applied science?

Some fields of scientific studies include physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, and geology. Pure sciences are focused on understanding fundamental principles and theories, while applied sciences use that knowledge to solve practical problems or develop technologies. Physics and chemistry are examples of pure sciences, while engineering and medicine are examples of applied sciences.

When was Social Studies of Science created?

Social Studies of Science was created in 1971.

Differences of computer science and applied computer science?

Generally, "applied computer science" is another way of saying "computational science." This field typically relates to the use of algorithms, computers and other things that Computer Science studies to other fields. For example, computational biology (the use of computers to study things like the human genome) is a perfect example of "applied computer science." The relationship between Computer Science and Applied Computer Science is sort of like the relationship between Biology and Environmental Science -- the former is more concerned with describing the field itself and the latter is more concerned with the 'useful' application of certain knowledge within the field to other problems.