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Q: What block on the NCOER do you put daily duties and scope?
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What is the scope of register variables?

The block they are declared in.

Duties for massage therapist?

Stay within scope of practice and ethics.

What is the scope of chemistry in daily life?

i don knw

What is meant by the phrase one block of code can be nested in another?

It simply means one code block contains another code block. How you achieve this depends on the language, but in many languages we use opening and closing braces to define a code block. function foo () { // start of function block { // start of nested block // ... } // end of nested block } // end of function block Nested code blocks are typically used to define a new scope within an existing scope. Any variables declared within the nested block are local to the scope of that block and will fall from scope when we exit the nested block. This can be useful when we want to instantiate new variables within a larger scope but want to localise them to the code block that actually uses them. In some languages (such as C++) this also allows us to redefine names that were initially defined by the enclosing scope, temporarily hiding the original names from within the nested scope (only the local names are visible). When we exit the nested block, the original names become visible again. However, referring to two separate variables by the same name within two scopes of the same function can make code difficult to read, so this is best avoided.

What is a job role?

scope of job role means doing the job you are assigned to do and only that job role. for example if a business teacher went and taught a geography lesson, they would not be able to attempt it because they only have a superior knowledge of business and only that subject. in a business scope of job role would be a manager who works in the back office of a business not knowing how to communicate face to face with the customers because that is not what they regularly do.

What is the purpose of synchronization?

Purpose of synchronization block is to lock an object for any shared resource. Scope of synchronized block is smaller than the method.

Differences between scope and visibility of a variable?

Scope of a variable is the lines of code from which it can be seen and/or manipulated. Scope can be thought of as visibility, because a variable's scope is where it is visible from. A variable declared within a function (or any block, for that matter) has scope only within that block. It is visible within that block, and from within any contained block, but not from within any containing (outer) blocks. However, it should be noted that if a variable's name is reused in a nested declaration, then the outer variable loses scope within that block. As a result, you can reuse, for instance, the variable "i" within a new block without compromising any use outside that block.

Examples of automatic variables in c?

Automatic variables are variables that are declared within the scope of a block, usually a function. They exist only within that scope, i.e. that block, and they cease to exist after the block is exited. These variables are usually allocated from the stack frame.

Why it is not possible to refer an exception declaration with in try block?

Because the exception, like any other declared object that needs visibility outside the block, must have scope outside the try block.

What is local data?

Local data is automatic data associated with the block that is presently in scope. It is dynamic, usually allocated from the stack, and it goes away when you leave the block.

What is the scope of any variable?

The Scope of a variable defines the areas of a program where this variable would be visible and can be used. For ex: a. Method variables - are visible only inside the method where they are declared and hence their scope is only the method b. Class variables - are visible inside the class and can be used by any method inside the class and hence their scope is the whole class.

Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities. If so please specify?