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There are no castings that were used exclusively for 4 bolt main applications.

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Q: What block numbers should be on a Chevy 350 with four bolt mains?
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Is it possible to change the main bearings in a small block Chevy with the engine in the car?

Unfortunately, if the mains are shot you probably need to have the crank turned. Just replacing the mains will not really solve any problems.

Is the serial number for a Chevy 350 engine 3858180?

This is the block casting #. 1962 - 1967 Chevy 327 , 275-375 HP, 2 bolt , 2.3" mains. Used in everything from a 64 Vette or various passenger car/trucks

Who many bolts in a 350 Chevy?

Are you referring to the main caps? If you are some had two bolt mains, and some had four bolt mains.

What are torque specs for Chevy 5.7 mains bearings?

65 FT. LBS.

Did chevy use 2 bolt mains in the 327's in 1968?


Where are outer main bearings located at on a small block Chevy?

There is no such thing as outer main bearings. The main bearings go inside of the main caps that hold the crankshaft in the bottom of the engine. To get to the mains you will have to remove the oil pan.

Do 1978 Chevy C-10 trucks have 4-bolt mains?

hard to say. you can get the block number and check it. it may tell you if its 4 bolt. chances are its not though. aside from that you would have to remove the oil pan to tell.

What size Chevy engine has casting number 3951511?

This casting code is from both two and three freeze-plug small-block 400's from '1970 to 1973. These blocks can also have 2 or 4 bolt mains

Gto 400 big block or small block?

There is no such thing as a small block or big block Pontiac. Outside dimensions are all the same from the 326 all the way up to the 455. The only real difference in the blocks is the size of the mains. The 326-400 run a 3" main...while the 421-455 run a 3.25" main. If you are "comparing" it to say a small and big block Chevy.....dimensionally it falls in the middle.

What are Crankshaft journal sizes on a 350 Chevy engine?

Mains: 2.45" Rods: 2.10"

Do all 1991 small block 350's have 4 bolt mains?

No. Most of them were 2-bolt mains. The 3/4 and 1 ton 350 engines were 4-bolt main engines. All the 1/2 tons had the 2-bolt main block.

What year is the motor with the block number 10054727?

It was used in 1986 and up, some of them are 2- bolt mains and 4-bolt mains. They were NOTHING special. It does have a 1-piece rear main seal.