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Q: What biological changes happen when you are exposed too much light at night?
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What will happen to plants if they are not exposed to light?

i think they will die

What is the name of the fabric that changes color when exposed to the light?

Lots of fabrics change colour when exposed to light. It's called "fading".

What will happen to the pH inside of a thylakoid that is exposed to light?

It will decrease.

What energy changes happen when you light candles on a cake?

chemical energy

Is there evaporation during night?

Yes. It might not occur as fast, but the water is still exposed to the air.

Why can't photos be shown in the light when getting developed?

When the film is exposed, the light falling on it causes chemical changes that create the image. If it is exposed to light before being "fixed" (or made permanent) during the developing process, the light will cause the entire film to be overexposed, and the image will be lost.

What happened to the pupil of the eye exposed to light?

The iris contracts (gets smaller). If this doesnt happen, its a good indication of head trauma/concussion, etc.

What can happen to light traveling through a glass filled with water?

Refraction of light occurs when a light pass through a glass that is filled with water. In this process, the light changes direction as it changes transmission medium.

What will happen to the atoms of the photosynthetic pigments when they are exposed to wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum above or below the spectrum of visible light?

Nothing would happen as chlorophyll absorbs only visible light but phycobilins can absorb heat also .

What energy changes happen in a solar panel?

Solar or light energy is converted to electrical energy or thermal energy

What happens to LSD when exposed to light?

LSD may chemically break down and become inactive when exposed to light.

What is AgCl color?

AgCl is silver chlorideThe color of silver chloride (AgCl) is white.