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Q: What benefits and harm derived from exposure to radiation?
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Why is exposure to UV radiation dangerous whereas light does not harm us?

The UV exposure is dangerous because it penetrates the skin. Visible rays do not.

For toxic chemical sustance to harm you repeat exposure is needed or a one time exposure will do harm on you?

it can hury you. it can hury you.

Would radiation harm the people testing underwater bombs?

Radiation will always harm people no matter where they are, as it causes cancer.

How harm is radiation?

Not al radiation is harmful. There would be no life on earth if the radiation, which we call sunlight, did not exist.

Who Manufactures of radiation antidote?

There is no "radiation antidote". There are several drugs that can reduce the harm from radiation, but no one antidote.

Does phone radiation harm people?

over a long period of time it can harm you

Can solar radiation harm people?


What harm can radiation cause us?

That depends on type of radiation, dosage, and area exposed.

Are there dangers associated with the Gamma Camera?

Yes and no. The Gamma Camera uses Gamma Radiation to see through dense tissue in order to pick up irregularities withing the body. Letting your body be willingly assaulted with Gamma Radiation would not be good in the long run. These procedures are done carefully and all risks are outweighed by the benefits. In conclusion, if you get scanned using this machinery at the doctor, you will be fine. Long and sustaining exposure will undoubtedly kill you, or cause you great harm.

Are X-rays bad?

They have a limited amount of radiation, but this radiation is not serious and will likely cause no harm.

Does RF radiation causes the same types of biological harm as X-ray radiation?

no false

Does food have radioactive content?

Radiation does not harm food.