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It may vary slightly from person to person...but I'd say honesty and living an honest lifestyle, because there's little guilt and it's good for your self esteem. ALso, daily excercise-even if it's in the form of a ten minute brisk walk. You get some sun-good for your mood, and it gets your blood pumping and possibly flushes any enviromental toxins out of your body. A diet low in sugar, white flour and additives does wonders too! Helping others is a plus as well, but not to the extent where you are not taking care of your own responsibilites. Working hard or doing your best gives a feeling a satisfaction as well. Meditationn-yoga relaxation and breathing excersises can lower blood pressure and bring back some vitality.

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Q: What behavior promotes health and well being?
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dedcribe the effects of personal hygiene on health and well being

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