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All of the reputable ones. If you find one that does not use a credit check, you will end up paying a higher cost than if you found one that did.

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Q: What auto insurance companies require a credit check?
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Is it common for an insurance agent to get a credit check on the insured?

Yes, It is common. Most Insurance companies will require your credit score as part of your risk rating factor.

Where can one purchase auto insurance with no credit check?

The bulk of insurance companies uses credit scores and driving records to determine risk. However, FreeInsuranceQuotation is one online source that does not require a credit score to purchase auto insurance.

Do I need to provide my SS# to get online term life insurance quotes?

Some insurance companies do require a social security number,to perform a credit check for your quote.

Is it required for insurance to check your credit?

Some companies check for credit and others do not. The larger companies like Allstate and Nationwide check. Small ones like AlfaVision do not.

Why do i need great credit?

If you want to buy a car or house you need good credit. Some employers run a credit check to determine if you are responsible. Insurance companies run a credit check for you to get insurance.

Do online auto insurance quotes require a credit check?

I honestly haven't had a site check my credit when giving me a quote for any type of insurance. However they typically will ask you what kind of credit you have.

Do Life insurance companies check your credit when issuing policies?

Yes! of course they do!

What does one do if a car insurance company doesn't give one their credit check?

Some car insurance companies do not do credit checks. And not receiving a credit check won't do anything bad. In fact, if one has bad credit or no credit and the insurance company does decide to do a credit check, that person might end up paying a larger rate.

What is a car insurance rating information survey form for?

The ssan information is for credit check (credit report checking) purposes - insurance companies equate good credit to good driving.

Is trip cancellation insurance available?

Trip insurance can be available through various sources. Check to see if there is an option when booking your trip. Credit card companies can offer trip insurance as well as insurance specific companies.

Can insurance companies share your past history with another insurance company?

It may depend on state law, but in most U.S. states, yes. If you apply for insurance with a company, they can check your record and see what claims you have had with other companies. It's similar to a credit check.

Will my credit score prevent me from getting cheap motorcycle insurance?

Bad credit can cause your motorcycle insurance rate to be higher. There are companies out there that do not check credit, but most of them charge more anyway. Shop around for the best price.