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Supposedly your mental health.

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Q: What aspect of health is improved when you share feelings with others?
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Which aspect of health is improved when you share you feelings with others?

emotional health

Which aspect of health is improved when you share your feelings with others?

emotional health

Why is social health important?

Because social health allows you to express your feelings to others instead of keeping it inside you.

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Why is it important to respect others?

It is very important to respect others so that others can also respect you. Looking at this issue from a legal aspect,in my country's constitution,it states there that we should respect human feelings because every has legal right to the way he sees things. (freedom of human feelings) Remember, respect is reciprocal...... DON'T GIVE WHAT YOU CAN'T ACCEPT ..... Love one another!!! and the world will be a safe place for everyone.

How do you develop courage in your life and to others?

yes is possible to have courage in one aspect of your life and not in others

What is a word for caring for others feelings?


What is it called when you have no feelings?

i think that it is called apathy also, people who do not have feelings are called sociopaths (Thats when they dont have feelings, so they kill others)

What have understanding to others by?

Because its too answer the way we have the our feelings.

Do you do what you want no matter what others think?

no because they have feelings to

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Not unless it Is a tree named Groot! Trees are plants, and do not have thoughts. They have no brains to think with or to have feelings, and no ears to hear what feelings others have.

What do you call a person who fails to notices others feelings?