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The wires can dig into and cut your gums. Also you usually cant chew gum and eat certain foods. You get used to them though.

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Q: What are you to expect when you get braces?
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Painful teeth after having braces put on is this normal?

Oh yes. Braces = expect discomfort, ulcers, sore lips cut in your mouth and on your tongue and getting food stuck in them. Take some mild headache pills for the discomfort and expect after most adjustments. I'm not trying to scare you or be mean its just they way it is. Braces are hard work and after a few months our teeth will look alot straighter. I bet they feel weird don't they. Hope this helps. Sekhmet

What advice is needed when getting braces?

There is lots of advice one should know about when getting braces. Perhaps the best place to find out what one should know is by talking to one's dentist. Some general advice with braces is to avoid any food that is sticky, chewy, or hard. One should expect sore teeth for several days after getting braces and having teeth loosen while wearing the braces is normal and expected and they should regain their rigidity again later.

What is the success rate of braces on teeth and how many times should a teenage expect to get put back into braces during their lifetime I realize everybody is different I am just asking on average?

Two years ago I myself had braces and now I'm back in them because I lost my retainer. Twice for me is more than enough. Having braces once is average, twice is pushing it, and three times means your just irresponsible.

Your daughter broke her jaw has a scar on her chin and some muscle damage on her chin the auto accident is paying for pain and suffering how much should you expect She also had braces on at the time?

You should expect around about $40,000, cost, and $50,000 compansation

What do they call braces in England?


Do ray ray have braces?

No, he does not have braces.

How do you get braces on toontown?

Braces?, you cant.

How much are lingual braces also known as ''hidden braces?

Lingual braces are placed on the back side of your teeth. So, they are called as hidden braces. From:

How do you hide braces?

You can get invisible braces or white elastics might work. But other than invisible braces you CAN'T hide braces.

Can a flipper be worn with braces. I know someone who is missing a front tooth and now he has to get braces. Can his flipper be worn with the braces or what will they do?

ya! a flipper can be worn with braces! i was in the same situation and got braces yesterday!

Does Taylor launter have braces?

he use to have braces

What is the most painful type of braces?

Individual differences may exist in the perceived pain associated with braces, and different brace types may cause differing degrees of discomfort. An outline of the possible discomfort related to various brace types is provided below: Conventional Metal Bracelets: Pain Level: As the mouth acclimates to the metal brackets and wires, patients may initially feel sore or uncomfortable. Instead of being extreme pain, this is frequently described as pressure. Adaptation: Most people get used to the pain in a few days or a week, and any further adjustments may result in brief soreness. Pottery Braces: Pain Level: Ceramic braces may cause slightly more friction against the lips and cheeks than metal braces, but patients may still feel some soreness at first. Adaptation: Just like with metal braces, pain usually goes away over time. Braces for Lingual Language: Pain Level: Because lingual braces are placed on the back of the teeth, they may initially irritate the tongue and have an impact on speech. During the period of adaptation, soreness is common. Adaptation: Over time, patients typically grow accustomed to wearing lingual braces and experience less discomfort. Aligners that are invisible, like Invisalign: Pain Level: Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign aligners typically cause less discomfort. Every time an aligner set is used to move teeth into a new position, users may feel some slight discomfort. Adaptation: As they move through the treatment plan, most people discover that any discomfort is tolerable and gets better over time. It's crucial to remember that everyone experiences pain and discomfort differently, and that they are both subjective. The degree of orthodontic problems, the patient's pain threshold, and compliance with care and modification recommendations from orthodontists are some of the variables that can affect the entire experience. The goal of orthodontic advancements is always to reduce braces' discomfort. Any pain or discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers, orthodontic wax, and following the care and adjustment schedule instructions provided by the orthodontist. In the end, choosing a brace type frequently requires striking a balance between the patient's comfort preferences, the intended aesthetic, and treatment objectives. In order to resolve issues and guarantee a satisfying orthodontic experience, regular communication with the orthodontic team is essential. For More Information Pls Call:91608 11112 ZPH School Ln, Bjp Office, Shanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072 Phone Number Emergency Cases 91608 11112