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Q: What are uses of money which are good and bad?
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How much money does an advice columnist earn?

It is up to the work you do if it is good or bad. If good you will get more but if you do bad work you will get less money.

Who created the game that uses a ball and bat?

edward g money bad

Uses of mobile phones by students of secondary level - good or bad?


How is the Greek Life bad?

if you have money it is good.

What does Greshams Law state?

Bad money drives good money out of circulation.

Are bombs good?

Bombs are simply things and thus have no morality; of themselves they are neither good nor bad. It is the uses humans, which have morality, put them to that are good or bad.

Can you display an essay in Hindi language on the good and bad uses and effects of plastic?

bad efects of plastics

What are the good and bad uses of water?

For water there are many uses. These include torlits warta boddle brusin teef

Describe the uses and abuses of ground water?

bad is pestisides good is fresh

What is the good and bad points of using plastic?

innumerous uses but at a huge cost

Is depositing money into the bank good or bad?

Generally, it is good because you earn interest. The only bad thing is that you have less money in your pocket to spend, but you can always get some from the bank. And also it is a good place to store your money so that it won't get stolen.

What bad thing and good thing happened to miners?

they get money for it