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Color change. Bubbling. Change in temperature.

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Q: What are two ways to tell if a chemical reachical reaction is taking place?
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What a chemical reaction mean?

A chemical reaction is; when there is a chemical change taking place from energy or shifting of molecular structure.

What chemical reaction is taking place in the green organelles in plant cells?

This chemical reaction is called photosynthesis.

How does colourless Hcl turns to yellow?

a chemical reaction is taking place

Are clouds a physical or chemical change?

Physical because no reaction is taking place.

Is coal gas a mixture or a compound?

A mixture as the is no chemical reaction taking place

Describe the chemical reaction that takes place in tahe decay of foods growth of plantd digestion of food?

what is chemical reaction taking place in the delay of foods growth of pro digestion of foods

When two or more substances combine in a chemical reaction to form another substance a blank reaction is taking place?


List three signs that could make you think a chemical reaction might be taking place?

Formation of bubbles or gas: Gas evolution can indicate a chemical reaction is occurring. Change in color: A sudden change in color could be a sign of a reaction, such as a shift from clear to cloudy. Temperature change: If the reaction generates heat (exothermic) or absorbs heat (endothermic), it can be an indication that a chemical reaction is taking place.

What is an example of a color change that does not indicate a chemical reaction?

Many materials can change colour according to the temperature without there being any chemical reaction taking place.

If a substance effervesces is there a chemical reaction taking place?

Yes, effervescence usually indicates that a chemical reaction is taking place. It is often a sign of a gas being produced, which can be the result of a chemical reaction between substances.

When NaOH and Al are placed together in a container the container heats up What is a true statement for this reaction?

A chemical reaction is taking place.

Why is color taking place of chemical ractions?

After a chemical reaction new compounds (products) are obtained with different chemical and physical properties (including color).