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Q: What are two ways to gain active immunity?
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What are the two ways that people can be immunized against specific disease?

passive and active immunity

What are two ways in which active immunity can be acquired?

A person acquires active immunity when their own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen. Active immunity can result from either getting the disease or being vaccinated.

What are two kinds of immunity?

active acquired immunity and passive acquired immunity

What are the two kinds of immunity?

passive and active

What are two ways active immunity is produced?

1. mother to fetus2. Through exposure to the antigen(virus, toxins,or cancer cells).

How are different active and passive?

Active immunity is generated by your body. So you get active immunity as a result of infections or due to vaccines. Passive immunity is not generated by your body. Here the antibodies are to be supplied. Child gets the antibodies from mother. Alternately you get the antibodies via injections. The effect of active immunity is long lasting. The effect of passive immunity is short lived. So the active immunity is considered as better. The passive immunity has one advantage. It is available with immediate effect, while it takes about two to three weeks, before the effects of active immunity is available.

Which of the two types of immunity requires white blood cells?

The Passive and Active Immunity's, why? Because they are immunity's that your body produces in response to a specific pathogen that has infected or is infecting your body.

What is meant by the term active immunity?

Active immunity is of two kinds: Natural active immunity: This is acquired when a pathogen enters the body and immune response occurs. This is stored by the memory cells and eliminates the pathogen for the second time as soon as it enters the body. Acquired active immunity: This artificial and it is induced through a artificial source like vaccines.

What are two types of acquired specific immunity?

There is innate immunity (that you are born with) and acquired immunity. Acquired immunity you get when you are vaccinated or you get the disease and fight it off. The best example is that of what we call common colds. There are about 100 different viruses that cause them. This is one reason that babies and young children seem to be always be coming down with one or getting over one.

What are the 2 ways of earning profits from stock?

Interest and capital gain are two ways of earning gain from stock.

In what two ways do white blood cells work?

protect from bacterial infection increase our immunity

How is active immunity similar to passive immunity?

Active immunity is long term protection that generally lasts 20-30 years and passive immunity is immediate protection. there are two forms, naturally acquired and artificially acquired. in active immunity the naturally acquired immunity is when you suffer from the disease then recover again. the artificially acquired way is by getting a vaccination. in passive immunity, the naturally acquired way is to receive antibodies from mother in pregnancy and breastfeeding, the artificial way is to have antibodies injected in a serum for immediate response for example when you have been bitten by a poisonous animal. note they are not vaccinated.