What are two things a robot can do?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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-stack objects

-make equipment for the US navy

-make sushi

-sort objects

-move heavy objects

-massage your back

and many more !

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Q: What are two things a robot can do?
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How is robot and a machine alike?

a robot is a machine, they just make these things around it to look like a robot.

Why was the first robot invented?

The first robot was a wooden one that was used to weave things.

What 3 things make a robot a robot?

What makes a robot is its computer brain and its way to work in its enviornment. It uses its brain to interact with its surroundings.

What tasks can a explore robot do?

many things

What are some abilities of a robot?

picking things up..

What is the weakness of robot dragon?

the weakens of the robot dragon is that they cant take fire out of there mouth or they cant burn things

Would it be good to have a robot?

Well it depends on the type of robot and if you can use it. Having a robot in general would be 1 of 2 things, helpful or just plain fun. so yes, it would be good to have a robot.

What are the two syllables of robot?


Can a robot be a producer?

No, it can't. Robots are only made for specific things, such as: Mechanical things etc.

What are 2 things a robot can do?

give u pleasure and play it games

What are three things robots do?

the robot help people and make blink

Where are the glasses hidden Dexter's laboratory runaway robot?

That's easy! . one in the cupboard in the kitchen where dexter's mom and dad is there. another in the dexter's lab, u have to change the apple to a glasses by using dexter's machine. actually, i think, there's two in there. one in Dee-Dee's room under her bed. then i think the robot's in the wardrobe like clock.Just touch the robot!! P.s. There are two things in Dee-Dee's room,One is a pair of glasses and under her bed is the battery for the robot!!!!!