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Q: What are two internal influences that may affect how a person feels about themselves?
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Which are internal influences on weather or not a person chooses to drink?

Your experiences

What are internal influences on whether or not a person chooses to drink?

How he feels about himself and his mood at that time

How is a person self concept shaped?

how is a persons self-concept shaped

Influences are factors that affect someone or something either positively or negatively An influence can be?

An influence can be a person, event, or circumstance that shapes one's thoughts, behavior, or decisions. Positive influences can inspire growth and development, while negative influences can hinder progress or lead to undesirable outcomes. It's important to be mindful of the influences in our lives and strive to surround ourselves with those that align with our values and goals.

What personal influences are likely to affect the way a person parents?

Some of the personal influences that affect a person's parenting include religious beliefs, personal experiences during childhood and financial discipline. Parents tend to bring up a child according to various religious virtues that they hold.

Three external influences that may affect how a person feels about himself?

Three influences are... 1) underwear/swimsuite advertisements 2) family and friends' opinions on you're body or attitude 3) a friend or family member that is changing themselves in a good way, and the observer wants to be like that as well. Hope that answers your question. :)

What influences a person choices?

I think family Karl the first thing that influences a person choice

What are psychological influences?

Psychological influences refer to internal factors that impact an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These can include beliefs, attitudes, motivations, emotions, and cognitive processes that shape how a person perceives and interacts with their environment. Psychological influences play a significant role in shaping an individual's experiences and decision-making.

How does third person affect credibility?

Third person affects credibility because they are describing the accounts of someone else and not their own. It affects the credibility because the person writing about it did not experience it themselves.

What is it called when you think messages do not affect you but affect others?

This is known as the Third-person effect, a phenomenon where individuals believe that media messages have a greater influence on others than on themselves.

Why does a person's life experience influence how he or she reads?

A person's life experience influences how they read because it shapes their perspectives, beliefs, and values. These experiences can affect how individuals interpret and relate to the text, influencing their understanding and emotional response to the material.

What four aspects of the human person does sexuality affect?

Sexuality affects a person's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. It influences how we interact with others, express intimacy, experience pleasure, and form connections with those around us.